Our Services

Graphic Design Services - Many times clients need help with design ideas or need 'good art' to create the items they are looking for. Some creative services are included, and others might incur a charge. We are a one stop shop!

Virtual Samples - Many clients want to see what their logo/branding looks like on an item before they invest in it. We provide virtual samples to our clients so they can make an educated choice. Want to actually see, feel, and experience the product as well? We can provide that too!

Personal Service - Are you tired of endless websites and no human to help? Then, we are the answer for you. You will work with one of our experienced promotional experts and maybe even meet them for coffee. You will never get the run around with Advertise America; customer service and one-on-one attention is our focus.

Ideation - What do you want to say? What is your message? We can help you brainstorm a clear message and why you would want to pick a certain item to help tell your story. We help you maximize your promotional marketing dollars and help your brand and message be on target.

Additional Services - Kitting and Drop Ship, Graphic Design Services, Ideation, Personal service, Virtual and Spec Samples. 


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