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  • Jan 24, 2020

Recently we had the chance to attend the PPAI EXPO in Las Vegas. This is the largest industry trade show in the US and where new suppliers are discovered, new products are launched and new ideas for branding and marketing items enter the market. There are continuing education classes to learn tips from various affiliated organizations and leaders in the industry. There are hundreds of suppliers and thousands of promotional products professionals, and it is a wonderful (and exhausting) experience. 

We thought we would share three of the top trends that really stuck out at the show, where many, many suppliers were showing new ideas and items to help you, our clients, refresh your branding strategy. 


#1 - Eco-Friendly - This area continues to be the biggest trend and has grown tremendously in the last twelve months. Shopper totes, backpacks, bags, apparel, drink ware, and reusable straws continue to dominate. The refreshing thing was that now many bags, apparel items and bottles are actually made from post consumer plastic waste. So now, not only are you doing a good thing by using reusable items, they are now made from all the waste that is still out there. Win win!


#2 - Tech items - From pop sockets to phone wallets, whatever style, size or color one would ever need, there were thousands of options to choose from. Some of our personal favorites in the tech area are wireless charging mousepads where you can use it as a mousepad and charge your phone. We were also very interested in internet and cyber security items; yes there are webcam covers, but now there are also mic blockers too. Let's face it, its easy to cover the camera, but what about the mic? Just one more way to keep yourself protected. From a fun a creative persecutive in tech...laptop decals, sheets of them to custom design and pass out at events to get your brand out there. 


#3 - Give Back Programs - Socially conscious brands, on all levels, are getting a lot of buzz today. Many retail brands have aligned themselves with various different social causes. From the environment to Warrior programs, now many promotional products suppliers have a give back programs as well. How nice to be able to have your brand connected to something bigger? Maybe you have a social give back program to promote so now you can empower your brand to even give back more by investing in a branded item that promotes you, but can impact people even beyond your brand.


All in all, PPAI EXPO is a great event to get fun new ideas and see what the buzz is in the industry. We continue to strive to be an ideation partner with our clients and a reliable sourcing expert. We look forward to successful 2020 - celebrating our 25th Anniversary - and look forward to helping our clients new and long term find the perfect item to promote your brand. 


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