Virtual Events

  • Feb 28, 2021

The Virtual Meeting/Conference is here to stay and companies and organizations have adjusted to succeed in an environment that can be impersonal, feel like Groundhog Day; and let’s face it, even a bit boring. The challenge to turn a 2 dimensional platform into a 3 dimensional experience, with a personal touch, is real.  The reinvention of what a trade show, conference or training session looks like now offers an exciting and new venue for virtual and semi-virtual events; the solutions are plentiful and can be very creative. 



  • Many organizations, with the help of event planners and technical experts, have come up with solutions to make these events fun, have a personal touch and be interactive. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you host that memorable event. 


  • Come up with a theme or brand for your event. You would have done this for an in person event so you can keep this consistent; make it fun!  


  • To create excitement and anticipation, start the countdown to the event, but don’t give the whole picture. Tease the theme, speakers, mini events and recognition to peak people’s attention and interest in advance. 


  • Maximize your reach and built excitement with social media. Stick with specific hash tags, live stream a ‘behind the virtual scenes’ with your MC/Hosts/Speakers as they prep for the event. Incentivize people for posting/reposting and interacting to bring attention to the event, product or cause. 


  • When people register for the event, make sure to get a mailing address. Sending a themed kit or package of items that you would have normallygiven in person prior to the event is a nice touch to make the event more personal.


  • Many conferences have ‘happy hours’ at the end of the day and there are fun and creative ways to still do this - host a virtual happy hour - BYOB - and hire a comedian, magician, dance group whatever fits into your theme. Your gift box could even include drink ware and a coaster to make it more fun! 


  • Virtual conferences with a more formal structure can utilize a variety of platforms that have a suite of conference tools like speakers, sponsor, agendas, virtual booths, networking platforms - these can be turnkey solutions. Check out Hop In, Vfairs and 6connex.


  • For Webinars, utilize the MANY interactive platforms like WebinarNinja, Demio and Crowdcast that have been developed, utilizing  online discussion tools like Slack and Discord to create a webinar platform that is a bit more robust than your average Zoom or Microsoft meetings.


  • Social livestreams are now a part of everyday life and people have become very familiar with Instagram Live, Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, and YouTube Livestream. Most of these platforms show comments and attendees in real time. 


  • After the event, send a survey to find out what people liked….and maybe didn’t like (gotta take the good with the bad) and don’t forget to thank your speakers and special people that make the event a success.  


There are so many nice ways to show thanks and engage your audience; and, we have a few suggestions here. Regardless of what the future holds, these tools can only enhance the attendee experience of any event whether it’s virtual, in person, or a combination of both. Let us know how we can help! 


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