Optimistic for 2021!

  • Jan 31, 2021


An Optimistic 2021!


2020 the year that most would like to soon forget. In this year of uncertainty for many industries, the promo industry was agile and pivoted to fulfill needs of clients as we worked with our distribution and importing channels to help procure the items that were most in demand; and also found ways to give back and help. Overall, the $25 billion Promo Industry saw a 20% decrease in sales from 2019, which in the scheme of things, fared much better than many other industries. In many ways, we were able to help people prepare for the unknown and start to recover and grow while still keeping our heads above water.


January and February started off with some of the highest dollars being invested in promo marketing and then covid hit and changed everything. According to industry leadership organizations, in Q2-3 the top trends were PPE oriented - hand sanitizer, masks, face shields - anything that was focused on health and personal health safety. PPE ended up accounting for 29% of industry sales, a category that didn’t exist until 2020. 


Q4 finally saw a rebound towards more traditional promotional items like pens and mugs as well as items geared towards appreciation and support for work at home. These dollars show an optimism and growth that, even though business, marketing, events and conferences may look a bit different as we move forward, promotional advertising will find a way to help those things happen. 



Top Trends for 2021: 


Apparel - 85% of consumers remember the company that gave them a promotional apparel product. Hats, shirts, pull overs, a great way to passively promote your brand, many now utilizing recycled fibers like polyester made from recycled water bottles, hemp and recycled cotton. 


Kitting and Drop Shipping - themed items for virtual conferences and shows sent directly to the attendees...and what about sending things to your prospects? A great way to say we are thinking about you. 


Drinkware - Coffee, Water, Wine - something for everyone and eco friendly. This was the top promo item in Q4. 


Housewares - as work from home becomes a more permanent thing, housewares are appreciated, useful and last a long time. As more people are staying home, cooking and eating in, they are the perfect marketing item…aprons, blankets, and cooking utensils.

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