E-Commerce to Streamline your Marketing and Brand Standards

  • Apr 8, 2021


 More and more companies are looking to e-commerce and company store solutions for their marketing, HR and employee access to branded apparel and other items. Overall, the e-commerce industry has been increasing year over year for many years now, with world wide retail e-commerce seeing a 27.6% increase in 2020 alone. Utilizing a technology like e-commerce can help your team be more efficient and consistent; making sure your brand is always putting its best image out there. 


For marketing and HR, there are many options that are available for e-commerce:


  • Do you have a large organization with multiple locations with a variety of people needing branded items? It can be a challenge to maintain brand standards and make sure that the items that are being ordered are of quality and go with the image that you want for your company or organization. Utilizing a company store with a variety of approved branded items is a great way to manage your brand, have fixed negotiated prices, always consistent branding and high quality products. You know that your marketing dollars are being well invested in quality items and that they are representing your brand well, all the while being able to budget more effectively. 


  • Maybe your need is more of an e-commerce solution where you have employees that want to have branded apparel to wear for meetings or events. There are solutions out there that can offer more of a showroom feeling with a limited number of approved branded items that can be purchased in small quantities and shipped directly to offices or an employee’s home. 


  • Gone are the days of a gold watch or mantle clock; let your people choose what they want when then win an award, celebrate an anniversary or are being recognized for something special. A custom incentive page where many items, including many brand name retail items, are available for your employees to go and choose their gift of choice and has become a very popular direction to go. These items aren’t necessarily Key boardbranded, but letting people choose what they want is a sure way to make an employee or donor smile. 


  • If you have a specific event, or themed company short term endeavor, a limited e-commerce landing page to gather data is a great option. You offer one or two items, for a limited time, and the e-commercelanding page gathers size and any other additional information that you need to place a bulk order for everyone with all the correct data so everyone gets what they want; making your life easier!

The bottom line is that most organizations are a combination of a few of the items above; this is what we do for many of our clients. Advertise America can offer a variety of online e-commerce company store solutions for your marketing, sales and human resource departments. We partner with you to offer a variety of ways to meet your needs. Find out what partnering with us can help you. 



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