Invest in drink ware to help make a change

  • Mar 15, 2019

There is a lot of talk in the news these days about the environment, plastics and policies being made to curb, if not eliminate, items to help protect the environment. Starbucks banned straws, cities are banning single use plastic bags, government and educational campuses are getting rid of available bottled water all in the effort to help contribute to the call for preservation, and reusable and recyclable items. You may be thinking, 'well what can I do to participate in these efforts?'. One item that can easily make a difference in multiple ways is reusable drink ware. 

Here are 3 very good reasons you should be investing in re-usable branded drink ware which in turn, will boost your brand's awareness:

 1. Environment: One million plastic bottles are purchased around the world every single minute (according to Euromonitor Intl). Unfortunately, we recycle less than 50% what we use. Of that 50% we recycle, only 7% comes back as bottles again. Somewhere around 9 million tons of plastic are going into the oceans every year. At that rate, the oceans will soon have more plastic than fish! 

2. Microplastics: A new study from the State University of New York found that there are tiny bits of plastic (microplastics) in 94% of the bottle water tested from the U.S. and about 83% of the bottle water tested from around the world. Your body can only process less than 1% of the microplastics you eat.

3. Bacteria: Although plastic water bottles are designed for single use, many people refill and reuse them without washing. A study in Canada of re-used, unwashed plastic bottles, found almost 70% had bacterial levels that exceeded safe drinking water guidelines. 

Partner all of those facts together and take in to consideration that Millenials want to work with brands and companies that have or participate in a social purpose, and you know that drink ware is a impactful way to brand yourself, and to make a difference.

Did you know we represent many socially responsible suppliers that have social giveback campaigns? As a marketing/HR person for your business, you can do your part while utilizing your marketing dollars to make a difference. Save the environment and stay healthy by investing in a reusable drink ware item with your branding on it, and maybe even find one that is connected to a giveback cause to double down on your beliefs.

Show people that you care, and they will remember your brand because they feel good about it and see it everyday.

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